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We were delighted to be awarded the contract by Cadw to renew the interpretation at Carreg Cennen. With its spectacular cliff-top location and mysterious cave it is an iconic site, with a complex history spanning 800 years. 


We produced a set of 15 panels which bring the castle’s stories to life in an inspiring and informative way, whilst being sensitive to the atmosphere of this historic site. The text style is chatty and accessible, whilst retaining the accuracy and detail visitors would expect at a Cadw site. Some panels used existing reconstruction illustrations to give an impression of how the castle may have looked in its heyday. We also created images using photos with sketched illustrations superimposed on them. These help to bring to life the ruins directly in front of the viewer, in a fun and friendly way. The sketchy style helps to underline that we don’t actually know what much of the castle really looked like. (A good example is the panel in the ‘chapel’ - which experts think may actually have been a toilet!).

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